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NGC, Inc. Landscape Design School Course 3, Series X

posted Apr 23, 2019, 8:06 PM by chuck clark
The Springfield Council of Federated Garden Clubs in cooperation with the National Garden Clubs, Inc., The Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc. and the Missouri Landscape Design Council is sponsoring Landscape Design Course 3, Series X.

This Course will be held at the Springfield Botanical Center located at 2400 S. Scenic Avenue, Springfield, Missouri 65807.  The Landscape Design School's purpose is to educate interested people in learning good landscape design practices, and to develop a set of values to guide them in judging individual gardens, as well as, community gardens.

The complete series of four (4) courses will include a full range of landscape topics from developing a guide for plant materials for personal gardens to identifying the challenges of urban planning.  It is the hope of the sponsors that the schools will attract interested garden club members, nurserymen, park assistants and the gardening public.

Deadline for Registration:  August 12, 2019
Contact for information:  Josie Raborar, Chairman, 417.818.4780, jraborar@sbcglobal.net

chuck clark,
Apr 25, 2019, 2:10 PM