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Poetry Contest....

posted Apr 26, 2019, 7:55 AM by chuck clark


2018 [awarded in 2019 “POP GOES THE SEED’

Notice of this years’ theme was announced in the Spring Garden Forum with a follow up E mail to each District Director.

There were four districts and thirteen clubs participating with forty eight entries in this years’ contest.

CENTRAL with Arrowhead, Bittersweet, Capital, Grow & Glow, Fulton, Mexico, Centralia, Eldon and Lake Bloomers garden clubs {nine clubs

EAST CENTRAL, Oakville garden cub

MID-CENTRAL, Owensville garden club

SOUTH WEST with Brentwood and Shepard of the Hills garden clubs

First Place winners in state for 2018

Kindergarten Keelan Renae Bowan, Fulton Garden Club

First Grade Andrew Luce, Fulton Garden Club

Second Grade Jenna Vore, Fulton Garden Club

Third Grade August Hunt, Owensville Garden Club

Fourth Grade Averie Hotle, Lake Bloomers Garden Club

Fifth Grade Devan Brown, Grow and Glow Garden Club

Sixth Grade Mahaila Brunner, Capital Garden Club

Seventh Grade Sienna Shea Stafford, Bittersweet Garden Club

Eight Grade Ashley Kozak, Grow and Glow Garden Club

Winners were sent on to Central Region for judging and to the Garden Forum for publication

A copy of these winners were printed in the Garden Forum and Central Region Spring News Letter I included a copy for each entries folder.

2018 [2 districts, 5 clubs and35 entries]

2019 [4 districts, 13 clubs and 48 entries]

Submitted by:  Mary Bullock (poetry Chair)