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Linda Houston unity_4_every1@yahoo.com Soil Health. CMO

Linda Bolhofner lbgarden@att.net. Invasive Trees and Plants ECD

Susan Reed Native Gardening for Pollinators. ECD

Gloria Whyte Soil Health ECD

Environmental School Online!

We need students! Attached is the schedule for Environmental School Online! As you can see, we offer some very interesting speakers. In addition there is an optional orientation session on Fri. Aug. 14 1 pm. to teach students how to join our zoom class if needed.

We guarantee you will enjoy learning in this class, for a bargain price! You can find text material in a pdf online, and the Tallamy bookNature's Best Hope is easily ordered.

The videos the first 3 days are an OPTIONAL bonus, are not required and there will be no exam questions. We just liked them and thought you might, too.

Please register ASAP if you would like to join us! Registration information and registration form are attached should you need that. Our National Schools Chairman will be a proctor, for accreditation.

Yours for a healthier planet, Jan Conant, Chair, djconant@msn.com,

or 314-576-7590 if you have questions.

Course 1, Vocabulary Plus

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