Dear FGCM Members:

Our annual State Convention involves so many of us - it is indeed a group effort! All fourteen clubs in Southeast District are helping host this event, including our two new clubs. We are excited not just about the overall programming, but also welcoming state wide members to Cape Girardeau and the spectacular Drury Plaza Hotel and Conference Center.  Since the publication of the convention materials in THE Garden Forum, we have tweaked some speaker bios and added check marks for club delegates and NGC School Consultants.

The attached packet can be emailed to your club members and/or printed out; note there is one form for both full time and part time registrants. When deciding on your choices, remember that workshops and the tour are limited in attendees and fill up quickly. Send back form sooner than later, please!"

Thank you.


Sally Shinkle, Chair, 87th State Convention

For more information on Convention, look under announcements.....

Congratulations to Nan McCabe our new President of Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri

Also, Congratulations to her Executive Committee for 2019-2021

First Vice President:  Linda Houston
Second Vice President:  Beverly Wattenbarger
Third Vice President:  Tanya Stanley
Recording Secretary:  Diane Neterer
Treasure:  Marjorie Motley
Corresponding Secretary:  Mary Officer
Parliamentarian:  Sheri Menscher
Garden Forum Editor:  Barbara Harrison
Web Manager:  Chuck Clark

Their information can be found in the new roster for 2019-2021


Hello Gardeners,

The Garden Forum found its way to your mailbox in the last week or so. How fun it is to read about all the things you are doing across the state to Plant America and to “Keep Missouri Blooming”! We have so many things coming up ahead to sign up for that I thought I would send out a NEWS FLASH as a reminder! The Garden Forum is also on the FGCM website in the event you have misplaced yours or for those who like reading online. Grab your Garden Club Friends, sign up to Learn more about Gardening and have Fun together! Learning more about gardening “Keeps Missouri Blooming” and Conventions are both a learning experience and just plain ole’ fun!

*Environmental Schools-March 17 and 18, 2020. Registration and Information in the Garden Forum.

*Landscape Design School-April 7-9, 2020. Registration and Information in the Garden Forum.

*NGC Flower Show School-May 22-24, 2020. Registration and Information Garden Forum.

*87th ANNUAL FGCM STATE CONVENTION May 4-7, 2020 in Cape Girardeau. Registration and Information Garden Forum. Check out Registering for “Art Walk” also in the Garden Forum.

*NGC 91st Annual Convention, Milwaukee, Wisconsin May 11-16, 2020. Registration and Information NGC website.

*Garden School-June 2-3, 2020. For Registration and Information contact Chairman Peggy Bahrmasel, bahrmasel@msn.com. This information is not in the Winter Issue of the Garden Forum.

*Central Region Convention-October 19-20, 2020, Middlebury, Indiana. Registration and Information at the Central Region website. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Garden Hugs, Nan

Presidents Message from Winter 2020 Issue of the Garden Forum

Greeting Members of FGCM,

Plant America: Keep Missouri Blooming

It could be snowing as you read this in the new year, January 2020! But as I write this, it is fall, and the trees are just turning a beautiful array of colors: yellows, oranges and reds. I imagine you may be catching your breath from the business of the holidays, maybe enjoying warmer weather as a snow bird flying south or sitting at your window watching the birds that are thankful for the food you have put out for them. You may also be enjoying the seed catalogues that keep us dreaming about our gardens and what we will plant in the spring.  As you read this, I will have enjoyed being at my daughter Kendall’s home in White Oak, Georgia. I call it GA/FL because she lives 20 minutes from the “Welcome to Florida” sign on the coast in Georgia. She, her husband and four boys live on five acres, which they call “The Mannstead.” They have so many chickens that I’ve lost count! The chickens live in a very stylish coop with an automatic door that opens to an outdoor chicken habitat! She is going through the process of getting licensed so she can sell the eggs. They also have a huge vegetable garden. Kendall started seeds inside and planted them outside the end of October. Early green broccoli, black seeded Simpson lettuce, red Russian kale, colorful beets, Paris Isle Cos Romaine lettuce, Roquette arugula, red and white onions and ruby red Swiss chard are just a few of the vegetables she raises. When she was growing up, I had to bribe her with something she enjoyed to get her to help in the garden. Now she is a garden champion and tells me what she needs me to do in her garden! All the little seeds we sow in children do grow and prosper!

As we look forward to spring, to planting and enjoying being outside, we can register and mark our calendars for two upcoming events: the 2020 Bloomin’ Bus Tour to Charleston, South Carolina, and Savanah, Georgia, April 26-May 2 and our FGCM 87th Annual State Convention in Cape Girardeau, May 4-7. I do hope to see you at one or both. There is nothing like these events for having fun with garden club friends!

As always “Keep Missouri Blooming” by continuing all the wonderful things you are doing to beautify your communities and to share your love of gardening with others—especially children. Your membership and love of gardening “Keeps Missouri Blooming” and the Federation strong!

Many garden hugs, 

Nan McCabe, FGCM President

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc., is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) whose national headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO. There are 100 affiliated garden clubs with 2180 members in Missouri. FGCM was officially organized on March 30, 1933, in St. Louis, by representatives of nine clubs from various sections of Missouri. The state is divided into 10 geographic districts. FGCM joined NGC in 1937.........

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  • 2019 State Poetry First Place Winners FGCM POETRY CONTEST 2019Adventures in a Garden”First Place winners Kindergarten thru Ninth grades from four Mo garden clubsKindergarten Garden Abigail Daves Fulton GC1st grade Giana Travis Fulton GC2nd grade McKinley Wilson Grow and Glow GC 3rd grade Max Anderson Grow and Glow GC4th grade Rylee Tucker Capital GC5th grade Myah West Grow and Glow GC6th grade Harrison Carter Brentwood GC7th grade Anna Schatte Capital GC8th grade Caden Stockwell Grow and Glow GC9th grade Ava Fleury Capital GC Mary Bullock Poetry Chair
    Posted Jan 26, 2020, 8:07 AM by chuck clark
  • 87 th Annual FGCM State Convention 2020 87 th Annual FGCM State Convention“Clearly See Missouri Blooming”Hosted by Southeast DistrictMonday, May 4 – Thursday, May 7, 2020Cape Girardeau, Missouri
    Posted Feb 13, 2020, 11:56 AM by chuck clark
  • Environmental School Announcement See the attached file for the "Environmental School Announcement"
    Posted Sep 22, 2019, 2:28 PM by chuck clark
  • Gardening Study School Course 1 Gardening Study School Course 1 sponsored by Jarden du Lac & Boone Country Garden Clubs will be held on June 2,3,2020 7249 S. Hwy 94 in St. Charles, Mo 63304Course Chairman Pat Schnarr (schnarrpat@gmail.com)
    Posted Sep 11, 2019, 2:38 PM by chuck clark
  • Teaching Missouri's Children to Plant America Grant Prgm Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc., has been blessed with a gift for a project and have chosen Grants for Children's Garden Clubs in Missouri.1. The amount of the grant will depend on the number of youth participants and the project outlined in the application.  Award amount up to $300.2. Available to new and existing children's clubs sponsored by garden clubs of Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.3. Consideration given to a one-time event sponsored and carried out by a carden club in the Federation where there is no children's garden Club.4. Grants available until fund is eshausted.5. Report results in 6 months.So, apply for the Children’s Grant Program ...
    Posted Aug 31, 2019, 5:33 AM by chuck clark
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