Congratulations to Nan McCabe our new President of Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri

Also, Congratulations to her Executive Committee for 2019-2021

First Vice President:  Linda Houston
Second Vice President:  Beverly Wattenbarger
Third Vice President:  Tanya Stanley
Recording Secretary:  Diane Neterer
Treasure:  Marjorie Motley
Corresponding Secretary:  Mary Officer
Parliamentarian:  Sheri Menscher
Garden Forum Editor:  Barbara Harrison
Web Manager:  Chuck Clark

Their information can be found in the new roster for 2019-2021

Greeting Members of FGCM,

What a wonderful time we all had at our 86th Annual State Convention held in Maryland Heights, MO, St. Louis County, April 14-17, 2019. Mid Central District did a wonderful job of organizing this event for all to enjoy. If you were not able to attend this year or have never attended a convention, I want to encourage you to plan on attending next year. Southeast District is working hard to put on a bang up of a good time for us while we also tend to the business of the Federation!

Oh my! I have almost forgotten to introduce myself. I am Nan McCabe your new State President. We will all miss President Blackmore’s thoughtful, fun and encouraging letters and we thank her for all she did for FGCM as our President. But we haven’t completely lost her because she will continue on as Advisor to the Board, Chairman of the Children’s Grant Program and Chairman of the State Calendar. While at convention, I along with the rest of the Executive Committee, were installed by our National President, Nancy Hargroves, for the term 2019-2021. It was a wonderful Installation using our hands to describe our new positions. Each of us were given a pair of gloves to wear on our hands as we go about the work of FGCM. You may be wondering if I am wearing them as I type this. Oh my goodness no! They are garden gloves! That would be tricky!

Our theme for 2019-2021 is Plant America-“Keep Missouri Blooming”. The question is how do we keep Missouri blooming? One way is Children! Incorporating Children’s Programs in our garden clubs to reach children with a love and understanding of gardening “Keeps Missouri Blooming!” Let’s see a 10% increase of Children’s Programs over the next 2 years. And Apply for the Children’s Grant Program titled “Teaching Missouri’s Children to Plant America”, to help fund your program. Our members generously voted at convention to match the monies we had been given that started the grant. So, we have money to spend to support your new Children’s Programs! But you must apply! Let’s spend 100% of the initial monies in the Grant. Let’s also continue to increase membership throughout our state. Increased membership “Keeps Missouri Blooming!” Let’s strive for a 10% increase in membership over the next 2 years. We can also “Keep Missouri Blooming” by continuing to educate ourselves with the schools offered through National Garden Clubs; Garden Study School, Landscape Design School, Environmental Study School and Flower Show School. As we learn by attending these schools, we can share and teach others. Teaching others “Keeps Missouri Blooming!” Let’s see a 5% increase in the schools attendance in my 2019-2021 term. Lastly, did I tell you we have a mascot for 2019-2021! We do! It is the Missouri Box Turtle which is our state’s reptile and lives to be 50—80 years old. Due to their long life span, slow movement, sturdiness and wrinkled appearance, turtles in general are an emblem of longevity and stability. As our mascot the Box Turtle will represent the continued strength and longevity of FGCM.

Let me share a bit about myself to you. I am the 5th of 6 children. Each of us have a love of nature, gardening and all God’s creations. Our mother was an artist, writer, teacher and gardener. We were always involved in the things she loved, one of which was digging in the dirt, planting seeds and watching things grow. I joined my garden club, Jardin du Lac, in Lake St. Louis, MO, 24 years ago when the youngest of our three children went to first grade. I love being a member of my club, learning about gardening from the members and Master Gardener Speakers who speak at our meetings. Since joining, I have held every office on the Executive Committee and have chaired many chairmanships over the years. Presently I am the Horticulture Chairman and Arbor Day Chairman. My husband and I have been married 35 years (if you count the 2 years we dated!) we have 3 children, 10 grandchildren and a German Shepherd. My greatest joys outside my family and gardening is my love of teaching children the Bible and playing tennis. I have been a member of the St. Louis Family Church in Chesterfield, MO for 25 years where I teach Children’s Ministry and up until recently, 2 tennis teams, over this past year, 1. (I had to cut back on tennis to do the business at hand!). Through the Missouri Extension Center in St. Peters, MO I went through the Master Gardener Program and I am a member of Design Concepts in O’Fallon, MO. I am a retired RN and my husband is partially retired Ophthalmologist Retinol Specialist in St. Charles, MO. Oh yes, one last thing. Then, I can’t wait to learn about you! I thought you would like to know that I live in the woods, so everything I plant must love to grow in the dark! And of course, I have many natives and someday I will tackle all the invasives I unknowingly planted years ago!

I look forward to meeting you all as I travel around the state attending your Fall District Meetings, Flower Shows, Garden Tours, Schools, Blue and Gold Star Dedications, State Fair, you name it! I will try to be there! And don’t be shy! Please come up and say hello! Together we will Plant America-“Keep Missouri Blooming” and the FGCM strong!

President Nan McCabe FGCM

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc., is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) whose national headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO. There are 100 affiliated garden clubs with 2180 members in Missouri. FGCM was officially organized on March 30, 1933, in St. Louis, by representatives of nine clubs from various sections of Missouri. The state is divided into 10 geographic districts. FGCM joined NGC in 1937.........

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