Exploring Backyard Mysteries”

Encourage Creative Writing

Excite and encourage our Youth to express and explore their creative thoughts through different types of poetry. NGC’s Poetry Contest enables our Youth to embrace their creativity through the art of writing. Be imaginative and join the winners to see your poetry in a printed booklet.


Special Education and English as a Second Language. Kindergarten through Ninth Grade General Education.


  1. All entries must be typed and titled.

  2. Include name, address, age, grade and school of participant on the back of entry

  3. Sponsoring garden club and state garden club name must also be identified.

  4. Sponsoring garden club may be that of a grandparent.

  5. Poems do not have to rhyme.

  6. Poems may be traditional verse, acrostic, blank verse, chinquapins, diamond poems, limerick or Haiku.


Title: 10 %

Contents: 40%

Creativity: 30%

Style: 20%

Total: 100%

Deadline to District Chair October 31, 2020

Deadline to State Chair Mary Bullock November 30, 2020

174 Stagecoach Ln

Gravois Mills Mo 65037

573 374 1151

[It is highly suggested the theme should NOT be used as a poem title]

Gardening Study Course June 2-3, 2020

The Jardin du Lac Garden Club of Lake St. Louis and the Boone Country Garden Club of Defiance, Missouri in

cooperation with National Garden Clubs, Inc. is sponsoring Gardening School Course I on June 2, 3, of 2020.

The course will be held at both Weldon Spring Interpretive Center located at 7295 South Highway 94, St. Charles,

Missouri 63304, and at Sunflower Hill Farm at 245 Terry Rd, Augusta, MO 63332

2019 State Poetry First Place Winners


“Adventures in a Garden”

First Place winners Kindergarten thru Ninth grades from four Mo garden clubs

Kindergarten Garden Abigail Daves Fulton GC

1st grade Giana Travis Fulton GC

2nd grade McKinley Wilson Grow and Glow GC

3rd grade Max Anderson Grow and Glow GC

4th grade Rylee Tucker Capital GC

5th grade Myah West Grow and Glow GC

6th grade Harrison Carter Brentwood GC

7th grade Anna Schatte Capital GC

8th grade Caden Stockwell Grow and Glow GC

9th grade Ava Fleury Capital GC

Mary Bullock Poetry Chair

Environmental School Announcement


Course 1, Living in the Environment, the first of four courses that make up the Environmental School, will be offered to all garden club members and nonmembers (family, friends) on March 17 and 18, 2020 at the MO Botanical Garden, Ridgeway Center, Botanical Room, 4344 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110.

We hope to welcome attendees from every Missouri district.

Registration is at 8:00am on March 17. Course is 5 hours each day plus lunch and breaks (8:00am – 4:00pm) and a field trip. Please join us for an exciting informative two days of learning and discussion in class, followed by an optional open book test.

Attendees can start the course now, and continue with course 2 (Land). course 3 (Air), and course 4 (Water). Those who have completed the course series are welcomed to refresh.

TEXT: The attendees may use an earlier edition of the required text, Living in the Environment by G. Tyler Miller, Jr. This is the only text used for the four courses.

COST: The cost is $75.00. This covers the room fee, speakers, 2 lunches and morning coffee and snacks and other related expenses for March 17, 18, 2020.


Jan Conant, Chairman, 12903 Camphill Court, St. Louis, MO 63146, 314-576-7590.

Gloria Whyte, Co-Chairman and Registrar, 23 Ramsgate Drive, St. Louis, MO 63132, 314-993-6534.


Name________________________________Phone__________________ Address____________________________________________________ City_____________________________State______Zip_____________

Email_____________________________ Garden Club Name ________

Member Y or N________

Please send the application and check payable to Gloria Whyte for $75.00. Please note on memo line ESS Course 1.



Teaching Missouri's Children to Plant American Grant Program

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc., has been blessed with a gift for a project and have chosen Grants for Children's Garden Clubs in Missouri.

1. The amount of the grant will depend on the number of youth participants and the project outlined in the application. Award amount up to $300.

2. Available to new and existing children's clubs sponsored by garden clubs of Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.

3. Consideration given to a one-time event sponsored and carried out by a carden club in the Federation where there is no children's garden Club.

4. Grants available until fund is exhausted.

5. Report results in 6 months.

So, apply for the Children’s Grant Program titled “Teaching Missouri’s Children to Plant America”, to help fund your program. Our members generously voted at convention to match the monies we had been given that started the grant. So, we have money to spend to support your new Children’s Programs! But you must apply!


The Gift of a "Life Membership"

Have you and/or your District considered what an honor it is to have a Life Membership in the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.? This gift not only recognizes the outstanding volunteer hours the person receiving it has made, but also continues to reward students with college scholarships for majors in plants sciences and associated majors. 100% of the money goes to fund our FGCM Scholarship Program. Each Life Membership is only a $50.00 contribution. All new and current Life Members are recognized at the Wednesday Members Breakfast at the FGCM Convention, and also in the Garden Forum.

You can buy a Life Membership for yourself, or your husband can buy one for you. Friends can buy Life Memberships for each other! Hey Districts, what about a Life Membership for your outgoing District Director? These gals really deserve a grand notice and this is just the way to do it! A Life Member’s pin may also be purchased for just $10.00, to be worn with pride. Life Members are a select group of the most outstanding garden club members, just so you know. And remember, once a Life Member always a Life Member.

You may find a Life Members Application Form online at: Fill out the form, add your check made out to ‘FGCM Scholarship Fund,’ and mail to Life Members Chair Nancy Bahn to make an outstanding garden club member very happy.



FGCM'S Betty Jones Memorial Gazebo -

The Betty Jones Memorial Gazebo on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia was built in 1993 for $5,400.00 from the donations from the 243 Missouri Federated Garden Clubs and its members. President June Kummer spear-headed this project with the assistance from many other dedicated garden club members. The octagon-shaped Gazebo was dedicated in memory of longtime garden club member Betty Jones for her love and support of gardening and Flower Shows in the West Central District and her kindness to others. Visitors to the State Fair enjoy the Gazebo as a place of rest, and occasionally, musical entertainment during the two-week Fair.

Over the years, garden clubs have made Club Contributions on the Club President’s Report to maintain this beautiful structure. Since 2002, earliest records show the total annual Club Contributions for the Gazebo average at $459.18; however, since 2013, that average has dropped to $398.66. Clubs contributing to this designated fund has dropped from 172 garden clubs in 2002 to 94 clubs in 2018, which may explain this difference.

This Fund pays for cleaning the wood, staining and resealing, and repairs, if needed. Every three or four years the Gazebo requires power cleaning and re-staining, and this cost varies from $700.00 to $800.00. A private company is hired to do this job.

The money also pays for maintaining the landscape around the Gazebo: Removal of dead and overgrown plants, purchasing plants and replacing flowers, shrubs and trees, the needed weeding and mulching, water hoses for watering, and bright flower baskets to be hung in the Gazebo before the first week of the State Fair. For the last several years this fund has paid for landscape companies to do most all of this work, as the local garden clubs have been unable to complete this task. Our newest Sedville Petal Pushers Garden Club may be able to take over some of these duties.

From 2002 to the present, the Total Club Contributions and Donations were $7,347.00, plus Convention Overages of $4,957.45 equals a Total Designated Fund of $13,266.04. Total Disbursals are at $13,005.96; leaving a balance of $260.08 in the Designated Gazebo Fund. The Board of Directors voted to use the Convention Overage in 2005, 2016 and 2017 to offset the larger expenditures. In 2016, the BOD voted to use up to $1,000.00 annually, if needed, from the Convention Overage to cover the costs of ongoing Gazebo maintenance.

Have you visited our Betty Jones Memorial Gazebo and sat on the benches viewing the other Fair-goers and taking a rest? Have you seen the Blue Star Byway Marker in front of the Gazebo? Have you visited FGCM’s State Fair Flower Show? Does your Garden Club contribute to Gazebo maintenance annually through Club Contributions? Maybe your garden club would like to take a day trip on the first Wednesday during the Missouri State Fair to visit the Federation Day Flower Show held in the adjacent Floriculture Building? You can have lunch on the Fairgrounds with friends and visit the many booths and exhibits, and sit in our Betty Jones Memorial Gazebo. Enjoy yourself!


Native Plant Database Info: -

For a native plant database, Top Ten native plant lists, a resource guide to suppliers of native plant products and services, and many other native plant resources, visit


Yearbook Rules from NGC -

See the pages referenced below:

Index: Section 12--Yearbooks

Pages 26-30

Francine Halter, FGCM Yearbook Awards Chairman


Member Award of Honor Information -

Award of Honor information from National Garden Club Page:

Copy and Paste this link into your web browser:

For more information: Contact Emma Jordan


Updated Flower Show Handbook Available!!! -

The National Garden Clubs has issued an updated Flower Show Handbook. This volume is available from NGC Headquarters at $25.00 per copy. It will go into effect on July 1, 2017. All flower shows after that date must conform to any changes that have been printed.


Missouri Wildflower Resolutions -



WHEREAS, an objective of the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc., is to aid in the protection and conservation of our natural resources, and to cooperate with other agencies furthering the interests of Horticulture and Conservation, be it RESOLVED:

1. That any plant listed as Critically Imperiled or Imperiled Status as identified by the Department of Conservation under Constitutional authority rule 3CSR10-4.111 of the Wildlife Code of Missouri be protected: Never to be picked, dug, seeds removed, or shown in flower shows at any time.

2. Critically Imperiled or Imperiled plant species should never be picked, dug, seed removed or shown in flower shows at any time, even though they are not rare or endangered, recognizing that these plants will not survive transplanting.



3. That any plant not listed may be shown in flower shows, cut dug or seeds collected with utmost care and concern, in accordance with #4 below; and only if locally abundant, such that the taking of the plants does not visually or ecologically impair the population.

4. That NONE of the flora on public property be dug, cut, plucked, pulled or taken or possessed in any manner; and that no plant on private property be dug, cut or seeds collected without the consent of the property owner.

5. Collecting or possessing wild plants or seeds must be authorized by a Letter of Authorization for Plant Collecting Permit by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

6. That no wild-collected native plants be purchased from nurseries for display or planting so that unethical collecting for commercial purposes will be discouraged.

7. That each district shall, with the advice of the Federation’s Conservation Chairman, take whatever action it deems feasible to protect in specific areas, rare flora of limited range, including cooperation with the Missouri Native Plant Society and The Nature Conservancy, and in otherwise protecting its flora in its native habitat.

Adopted by the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc. (FGCM) in 2010.

Where to Find the Updated List for Missouri Wildflowers:

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.

Missouri Conservation Department

Missouri Plants of Conservation Concern

This site shows photos and line drawings of plants as well as listed scientific and common names.

United States Wildflowers

US Fish and Wildlife Service

usfws: Endangered Species in Missouri/State and County Lists

Lady Bird Johnson’s Wildflower Center – A great source for finding the scientific and common names and pictures of wildflowers.


Plant Sale Request for Information Form -


Dear FGCM Garden Club Plant Sale Chairman/Co-Chairman,

The Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc. is required by the State of Missouri’s Department of Agriculture, Plant Industries Division to purchase a Plant License annually, which covers all garden club Plant Sales that Missouri garden clubs will sponsor. We are happy to comply with this directive as we, too, are concerned with prohibiting the spread of harmful insects and plant diseases.

If your garden club or district is planning on having a Plant Sale during calendar year, please send the following information in to the State President by February 15 so it can be added to the list that is sent to the State Entomologist. You will be sent an email picture of our FGCM Plant License to display at your Plant Sale. The information listed below is what is needed to send in to the state. You may send in via text, email or U.S.Mail to Nan McCabe 5 Ridge Oak Court, Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367 or e-mail

The State Entomologist may stop by your Plant Sale to inspect your plants. Please display your FGCM 2017 Plant Sale License at your sale to show that you are on the FGCM Plant Sale List and registered with the State of Missouri’s Plant Industries Division.

Thank you for your help in getting this needed information for your Plant Sale/s reported. As soon as I receive your complete information, I will send you a copy/picture of the 2017 Plant License.

  1. Date/s of Sale

  2. Times of Sale

  3. Location of Plant Sale (a church, community center, city market)

  4. Address of Plant Sale

  5. City where Plant Sale is taking place

  1. Name of Garden Club

  2. Chairman or Co-Chairmen

  3. Chairman’s Address

9. Phone Number

10. *Email (this is really important so I can send you a picture of the Plant License via email)

Thank you for your help in getting your Plant Sale information to me! Nan McCabe


Book of Evidence Help -


Blue Star Memorial Guidelines from National Garden Club -


Missourians For Monarchs -


Viewing our Website and Printing Documents -

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Walmart Community Giving Program -

This money can be applied for various things, and for the clubs that would like monetary help to keep their Blue Star Memorials upgraded with flowers, shrubs, mulch, etc...

Use this link to find more information about application to help your local gardening!


Grow Native! Program Takes Root with the Missouri Prairie Foundation -

News Release: July 11, 2012

Contact: Carol Davit, Missouri Prairie Foundation, 888-843-6739,

" Bringing Nature Home" author Doug Tallamy....a program from 4 years ago but many things remain the same.

Grow Native! Program Takes Root with the Missouri Prairie Foundation

A special ceremony “transplanting” Grow Native! to its new home will be on August 30 in Jefferson City, following a presentation by Doug Tallamy, acclaimed author of Bringing Nature Home.

Ten years ago, purple coneflowers, prairie grasses, and other beautiful and resilient native plants were less common in landscaping than they are today. A decade of work by the Grow Native! program, however, has increased the use of natives in the state dramatically. This summer, the successful native plant awareness program reaches another milestone: beginning July 1, it has a new home with the Missouri Prairie Foundation.

In 2002, the Missouri Department of Conservation began Grow Native! to promote the use of native Missouri plants in landscapes, with the Missouri Department of Agriculture later joining in as a partner. Being part of governmental agencies placed constraints on the program, so the Missouri Department of Conservation assembled a team of Grow Native! members to look at options for moving the program to another home. After looking at a variety of options, the team decided MPF would be an ideal fit for the program.

“We are extremely pleased the Missouri Prairie Foundation is the new home of this wonderful program,” said Mike Huffman, Outreach and Education Division Administrator for Missouri Department of Conservation. “The Missouri Prairie Foundation has, for nearly 50 years, been conserving native landscapes and promoting native plants. It’s a great fit.”

While Grow Native! will no longer be part of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the agency is committed to continual promotion of the use of native plants through educational programs, work with private landowners, and on its public properties.

The missions of the Grow Native! program and the Missouri Prairie Foundation are similar. Both are dedicated to educating the public about native plants and the benefits of using them in small and large landscapes and preserving existing native landscapes. The Missouri Prairie Foundation was formed in 1966 by a group of citizens concerned with the loss of native prairie. Since then, the 501(c)(3) organization has protected more than 3,000 acres of prairie, has a membership of more than 1,400, supports prairie research, and has an active outreach program, including the publication of the Missouri Prairie Journal, workshops, prairie and glade tours, and grassland wildlife advocacy activities.

“The Missouri Prairie Foundation leadership is pleased to take Grow Native! under its wing,” said Foundation president Stan Parrish. “We are a hands-on organization with numerous volunteers who are enthusiastic about protecting original landscapes and about native plant gardening. We’re eager to get started.”

Many features of the Grow Native! program will remain the same: the website ( is being redesigned with a fresh look, but retains its popular, native plant database, buyer’s guide, and native landscaping guides. As in the past, Landscaping with Missouri in Mind workshops will be held in various parts of the state, the annual Grow Native! Professional Membership meeting will continue to inform green industry professionals about the latest trends in native landscaping, and many other membership benefits will continue to be offered to Grow Native! Professional members.

Some new initiatives are planned as well: the Missouri Prairie Foundation intends to engage in more outreach with various entities, including counties and municipalities, to organize Grow Native! plant sales, and to support more native landscaping projects.

A brief Grow Native! ceremony to “transplant” the program to its new home is planned for August 30 at the Native Plant Laboratory on the Lincoln University campus in Jefferson City. The ceremony and will follow the ticketed “Bringing Nature Home” lecture by author Doug Tallamy, organized by Lincoln University Cooperative Extension.

For more information about the August 30 event, about Grow Native!, the Missouri Prairie Foundation, or how to become a member of the Missouri Prairie Foundation or a Grow Native! Professional member, visit, call 888-843-6739, or send a message to