State Board of Directors Roster

updated 10/22/2023

State Chairmen  -  See Garden Forum for contact information

 Auditor: Cindy McAvity 

Arbor Day: Mary Kathryn Young

Awards – Flower Show (F-1 - F-31) Sheri Menscher

Awards – Projects (P-1 - P-71) Marjorie Motley 

Awards – Special/Publicity/Youth (S-1-S-10/Youth (Y-1-Y-3) 43 Sheri Menscher

Awards – Yearbooks: Bev Myers

Award of Honor: Nadine Davis 

Bee-Gap:  Carolyn Schroeder

Birds: Susan Scarborough

Bloomin’ Bus Tour: Carolyn Oates

Blue Star/Gold Star Memorial Markers: Margie Wild 

Book Reviews—The Reader’s Corner:  Judy Duncan

Brightest Blooms: Betty Connelly

Budget: Josephine Goodenow

Butterflies & Hummingbirds: Carol Ann Smith

Chaplain: Barbara Wehmeyer

Citations:  Cindy Kessler 

Club Programs: Mary Officer 

Club Ratings: Sherry Wilson 

Convention Coordinator: Tanya Stanley

Conservation/Forestry: Gayle Fry

Educational Exhibits: Barbara Harrison

Environment and Endangered Species: Marjorie Motley

Environmental Council: Carolyn Flynn

Environmental Schools: Jan Conant

Essay Contest:   Kathy Roach

Flower Show Schools and Symposiums: Kim Peterson

Flower Shows & Judges Credentials: Carolyn Oates

Garden Study Schools: Nan McCabe 

Garden Tours: Mary Officer 

Grants: Kathy Roach

Habitat for Humanity: Marty Toll 

Historic Preservation: Margaret Stevens 

Honor Book: Alice Havard

Hospitality: Shirlee Roberts; Co-Chair, Anne Foust

Invasive Plants: Carolyn Flynn 

Judges’ Council: Marie Pasley 

Landscape Design Council: Alice Havard

Landscape Design Schools & Credentials:  Josephine Goodenow 

Legislation: Mary E. Durrill

Life Membership: Nancy Bahn 

Membership/Sister Clubs: Nan McCabe 

Mo Botanical Garden: Linda Bolhofner 

Mizzou Botanic Garden: Barbara Rothenberger

National Gardener Magazine: Sally Shinkle 

Organizational Study: Ellen Eddleman

Penny Pines: 

Personnel: Sherry Wilson 

Photographer: Sheila Neff

Poetry Contest: Mary Bullock 

Powell Gardens: Rose Bailey-Hammock 

President’s Project: “Let's Talk About Water” Linda Houston 

Protocol: Chair, Karen Davis; Co-Chair, Dorothy Kaiser; Co-Chair, Sharon Beck

Resolutions: Marinea Mehrhoff 

Roadsides and Wildflowers: Maureen Wamsley 

Scholarships: Diane Neterer

Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl: Rochelle Murdock

Social Media:  Sandra Spear 

Springfield Green County Botanical Gardens: Carol Stephenson

State Activities Coordinator: Karen Blackmore 

State Board Meetings: Linda Storck  

State Fair Federation Day & Flower Show Schedule: Joan Eads 

State Fair Gazebo – The Betty Jones Memorial Gazebo: Linda Nau 

Ways & Means and “Vision of Beauty” Calendar: Linda and Joe Pidgeon 

World Gardening & Disasters: Josephine Goodenow 

THE garden forum:
Staff Editor, Frances Busby;  Assistant Editor, Susan Glassmoyer;  Advertising Manager, Elaine Fix;
Circulation Manager,  Jackie Reynolds