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submitting yearbooks for judging is listed on pages 143-144 of the garden manual


Bev Myers

FGCM State Awards Chair

(updated 10/20/2023)

YEARBOOKS — Yearbook Awards are offered at District, State and National levels; rewarding attention to both format and content. Recognition is given at the District Annual Meeting, the State

Annual Convention and the NGC Annual Convention. The NGC Application Form (found on with the top portion completed must accompany all Yearbooks. The six (6) questions need not be completed for Yearbooks. Attach the FGCM Application Form to the Yearbook and mail to the DISTRICT YEARBOOK Chairman and other designated people by February 1.

Yearbooks are judged by a District Committee and all Yearbooks scoring 95 or above will be forwarded to the STATE Yearbook Chairman by February 20. The State Yearbook Chairman forwards the winning Yearbook to the Central Region Chairman by March 10 of the following year.

The NGC awards a Certificate of Commendation with First Place recognition may be awarded for outstanding Yearbooks in each of the following categories, determined by number of members, including NGC Life Members, on whom NGC dues are paid. Yearbooks may be accepted for competition on the calendar year or the club year (the same Yearbook may be submitted only one time in awards year). No envelope necessary. State Awards Chairman submits Yearbook winner in each category to the Regional Awards Chairman.

District Awards Chairman shall submit ALL Yearbooks scoring 95 or above to the State Yearbook Awards Chairman for State competition: First (blue), Second (red), and Third (yellow) Places (11-14)

GARDEN CLUB YEARBOOKS are judged at both District and State levels according to the following Categories:

Categories for NGC Award for Yearbooks: Single Member Garden Club

1. Club fewer than 20 members

2. Club 20-29 members

3. Club 30-44 members

4. Club 45-69 members

5. Club 70-99 members


#16 A. Single Member Garden Club FORMAT 2 pts. Book Structure: Practical, convenient size for membership,

durable, neat. Yearbooks may be stapled, spiral or 3-ring binders. Material should be well placed with ample margins and

font size suitable for members to read. 2 pts. Cover: Include name of club, town, state organization,

year and appealing design or photo. If 3-ring binder cover is used, substitute with paper cover and include required

information listed above, and so note. 2 pts. Title Page: Include name of club, town, state organization,

year, number of dues paying members and affiliated organizations (district, region, NGC). If state and national dues are paid on association/inactive /honorary members, total membership. they are counted in

1 pt. Table of Contents: Number the Yearbook pages and list topics on the Table of Contents Page.

Subsequent Pages: In any order most useful to members and best fit for page placement. Information in a club Yearbook should be in logical order. National and State information does not have to be in front:

2 pts. Membership Roster: Complete mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses (if applicable). Avoid crowding. Suggestion to save space: “All area codes are ___ and postal zip codes are ___ (nine digits) unless noted.”

1 pt. List of Club Officers and Committee Chairmen

1 pt. NGC Information: Name of NGC President with mailing and

e-mail address, theme and projects. List address and phone

number of NGC Headquarters in St. Louis. List NGC website

address. Locate above information at:

2 pts. Other Information: Name, address, phone number and email of Regional Director, State President, District Director, State Treasurer, District Treasurer, District Awards Chairman and Council President (if applicable). List themes for Regional Director and State President. List website addresses for State ( and Central Region (

2 pts. Calendar of Events: list dates and locations for district, state, region and national meetings and events to encourage members to attend and to eliminate the setting of conflicting dates. Programs: Topics should cover a variety of NGC goals and objectives such as Birds, Blue Star Memorials, Butterflies, Conservation, Environment, Floral Design, Horticulture, Therapy, Recycling, NGC and State President’s Projects, etc. (indicate if special interest club, e.g. Horticulture, only; Design, only):

3 pts. 1. Meets minimum number of meetings (10) required by state

3 pts. 2. List date and time of meeting, location with address

4 pts. 3. List name of speaker/s, qualifications (brief), program title

14 pts. 4. Variety of program topics (theme not required)

12 pts. A. Variety of styles of programs (lectures, slides, power point, tours, etc.)

14 pts B.Variety of speakers (specialists, members, panel, (etc.) 

Projects: Projects involve actual membership participation that benefits the community and further NGC Goals and objectives. Some fundraisers (sale of bulbs, bedding plants, herbs, etc.) may help to beautify the community, as well as produce revenue for clubs. Some fundraisers may help promote NGC Member Services as well as publicize our organization and goals. Certain social activities may lead to membership increase. State such in descriptions:

15 pts. 1. List Continuing and New Projects (a club is not required to have new projects).

20 pts. 2. Give a brief word description of projects. Include location, name of chairman, how members participate, list of donations, if applicable, in-kind donations, if applicable, plans for maintenance, if applicable, etc. e.g. ‘Establish a Teaching Garden at Adkins Elementary School, after school program with a planned curriculum, four days a week from 3:30-5:00 pm. Laurie Benson, Chairman.’ Options: No points given (Could fill available space) – Some Clubs include Bylaws, Budget, Fundraising, Roll Call, and/or Former Club Presidents. Club theme: If theme is used, it should be evident throughout the book. Themes may be interpreted with monthly program topics and/or titles, graphics, quotes. Projects do not need to be limited to theme.

NGC Mission Statement

NGC conservation Pledge

NGC Environmental Mission Statement

NGC Water Conservation Platform

Club Collect

List of members who are Life Members in State, Region NGC

Awards received previous year

100 pts. TOTAL