Environmental School

Environmental Consultants.                                               Topic.                                                            Area.

Linda Houston         Soil Health                                                     CMO

Linda Bolhofner                          Invasive Trees and Plants                        ECD

Susan Reed                                                                                 Native Gardening for Pollinators          ECD

Gloria Whyte                                                                             Soil Health                                                       ECD

Current Environmental School 2023 zoom: Course 4, Water

March 20-23, 2023 Four afternoons on Zoom

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Sponsored by National Garden Clubs and the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri

This school is open to garden club members and the public.

 Learn in depth from experts about fresh and salt water ecosystems, effect of climate change, sustainability options, pollution such as plastics, stewardship, and how you can help.  The course from 1:00 pm-4:00pm CST, includes twelve hours of fact-based information.

 Previous courses in the series are not prerequisite.

Our speakers include university faculty, non-profit representatives (previous – American Lung Association, St Louis Audubon Society, Great Rivers Alliance), researchers (previous – MOBOT, St. Louis University, UMSL, U of Missouri, Donald Danforth Center), and government (previous – USDA, EPA, National Weather Service). 


$40 for test & refresh

$35 - no credit, non-refresh

We recommend the text: Living in the Environment, G. Tyler Miller, any more recent edition. It is also available as an e-book. This book is used for the four courses: Ecology, Land, Air and Water.  PDFs of a previous edition are available to students as a means to make this course and content accessible to all.

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Environmental School - Online & Across the Country

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