Environmental School

Environmental Consultants. Topic. Area

Linda Houston unity_4_every1@yahoo.com Soil Health. CMO

Linda Bolhofner lbgarden@att.net. Invasive Trees and Plants ECD

Susan Reed Native Gardening for Pollinators. ECD

Gloria Whyte Soil Health ECD

Environmental School Online!

Information can be found on the NGC Environmental School page at the link below:

When you click on the link, you will get a 're-direct' notice, just click on the page and you will be sent to the correct NGC page.


Current Environmental School 2022 zoom: Course 3 Series 5, Mar. 7-10 Air and Related Topics. Also next Environmental School 2023 zoom: Course 4, Series 5, Water. Jan

Yours for a healthier planet, Jan Conant, Chair, djconant@msn.com,

or 314-576-7590 if you have questions.