Habitat for Humanity


Revised February 2022

Clubs interested in applying for funds from the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc. to help with landscaping Habitat for Humanity projects should follow the following guidelines. Application should be made to the State Chairman listed in the back of the Garden Forum. The Chairman will be able to assist any clubs with suggestions or additional questions.

Funding will be on a three-fourths ( 75% ) cost match basis with the state providing up to $450 maximum for each club project. For example if a club spends $300 on the project, $225 will be available from the State Habitat for Humanity Fund. Monies must be spent on Habitat landscaping projects. Funds may be requested after a project is completed.

Included in the request should be:

1. The name and district of the garden club, along with the name, address and contact information of the person making the application.

2. A brief description of the project, and what specifically the club did.

3. A diagram or sketch of the landscape plan, with a list of plants and their costs.

4. A budget of the project.

5. Photos to show the work. Before and after photos are best.

6. Any other information the applicant thinks would be helpful.