Start A Club

Every subdivision, neighborhood and community needs a garden club! Why?

* To beautify your area.

* To get to know your neighbors

* To learn the many facets of gardening together

* To encourage each other

How do you start a garden club?

Gather a small group together and plan a regular meeting day or evening that's convenient for everyone. Learn each other's interests and plan to have a brief program related to those interests. Before long you will want to organize by electing officers and writing by-laws. At this point you will find an outside organization helpful!

To become a federated garden club has only two requirements:

* Eight members

* Pay your dues

$ 10.00 per member for state and national dues. District per member dues range from .50 to $1.00. Contact your district Treasurer.

How will membership help?

* Start with a format for organization developed over many years (you

don't have to reinvent the wheel)!

* Benefit from a large inventory of programs, both free and low cost.

* Learn about a wide variety of trips and tours.

* Hear about projects of all kinds your members might find interesting

(youth, civic development, historic preservation, garden therapy and

much more)

* Access to excellent educational opportunities including Flower

Show, Landscape Design, Gardening Study and Environmental

Studies Schools, all given periodically in all 50 states.

* Attend district and state meetings, meet other club leaders and

learn from them.

What kind of clubs are available?

* Neighborhood clubs, meeting once a month, day or evening.

* Town or city clubs that focus on projects to benefit their whole


* Horticulture study groups that want to learn more about gardening

practices and plants.

* Design groups that focus on floral design principles.

* Clubs formed around internet connections

* Clubs formed within a business, meeting during lunch hour.

* Your own variation!

Sample by-laws and many other resources are readily available when you affiliate with the Federated Garden Clubs. Let us know of your interest by sending your name, address, phone number.

What about existing garden clubs? Don't they need members too? We will help you find an existing club near where you live. Limitations exist, as most clubs meet in homes and are limited in the number of members they can accommodate. Some clubs are restricted to their particular neighborhood.

Whether you are considering an existing club or in starting a club, let us know of your interest!